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California Overtime Law Calculations

Set your calculator overtime choice under Preferences.

The US government Department of Labor overtime law of after "40 hours per week" applies to many states.  Some states however, such as California, have their own overtime laws; see other state labor offices.

The time card calculations allow you to choose overtime rates according to United States Federal overtime law or California laws.  Overtime for Canada can be done by choosing Calculate OT : Standard and setting to 44 hours per week and a rate of 1.5 x regular pay "time and a half."

How to Calculate Overtime in California

The general summary of the overtime law in California can be found on their website under Overtime FAQ's from California Department of Industrial Relations.

In summary of our time card calculations we calculate this overtime as follows:


You can enter your regular pay rate, also known as straight time pay, into the calculator.  Overtime rate is calculated as one and one-half times your regular rate of pay, also called time and a half, and, double time rate is two times your regular rate of pay.

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